Monday, 23 November 2015

Writing prompts 8

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 I did not know there were so many words in the English language that had no perfect rhyme. This was a particularly fun challenge attempting to fit in around 70 of them to this little story.

[WP] The police employ a Seer whose prophecies are in rhyming couplets. As a master criminal, you have to devise crimes that centre around things that do not rhyme. by ArcticTern4theWorse in WritingPrompts
They sat around the table eating pizza. Angel the pedant, felt angry and anxious but made the comment for the hundredth time that her bulbous nose husband knew the secret of the seer’s foibles and could discombobulate the dangerous powers of the justice system. By utilising a pint of liquid nitrogen in the belly of an empty purple polka dot penguin which he would place strategically in the shadow by the chimney in the foyer of the Walrus hotel they would misdirect the iron eye of the law. Wearing nothing but olive reptile prints while carrying a piece of orange luggage containing a neutron engine and moving in a zigzag line past the office of the concierge, he could bypass the sandwich bar and create a monster explosion which would disguise him stealing the silver and diamonds, and at the ninth hour hide them in the rhythm section of this month’s orchestra. Angel sanctioned the plan after considering the problem of her husband and his dodgy elbow perhaps prematurely setting off the bulb that will sit inside the penguin. At the twelfth hour the plan is to transfer the silver and diamond’s into condoms in the vacuum in the laundry, while the string quartet plays a fugue. Angel gulped an asprin with some citrus juice and nibbled some chocolate to calm her nerves. She promised her husband he would be a bachelor if this plan fell to chaos. He rolled some cannabis and sat back to watch a SF film about wolf men and circus denizens of a distant galaxy. Relax my almond eyed love, he said and puffed some smoke in her direction, it is obvious we will succeed. As a couple we won’t let a single rhyme mulct us of our treasure

  1. 1.
    extract money from (someone) by fine or taxation.

    "no government dared propose to mulct the taxpayer for such a purpose"
    • take money or possessions from (someone) by fraudulent means.

      "a rapacious old woman who would never miss the few dollars mulcted of her"
noun: mulct; plural noun: mulcts
  1. 1.
    a fine or compulsory payment.