Friday, 27 November 2015

Writing prompt 14


This was not a writing prompt as such but an attempt at a nonsense poem in the style of 'Jabberwoky'

Reddit has forums of constricted writing [CW] in which participants are constricted by word choice or style.
This is my first attempt at a nonsense poem. 

[CW] Write a short non-sense poem, similar to Lewis Carroll's "The Jabberwocky" by tanglespeck in WritingPrompts

Rontemed amongst Rammodess
Scadamat and alone
The lausseary guited rhoducates
Compered the faithful rone.
Inates in nigh safecturies
Gasatched excenorants of old
Tratelize and pulanded
Custfurts abjust the bold.
Andereposive speeps
The metrus maiden aspology
And bravempluncont weeps.
Requier seressums a quatre past the noon
In Irpersing and fair Hambing
Until perpring Corrings
Strestificates the moon.