Thursday, 26 November 2015

Writing prompt 13

 Something a little devilish for the thirteenth prompt and Friday 13th.  

[WP] Somehow your wedding invitations get into the hands of the seven princes of hell. They show up by Kami_of_Water in WritingPrompts

“This was supposed to be my perfect day”, the bride howled black runnels into her imported lace handkerchief. “Did you see what he did?” she slid her veiled head onto her gloved arms and sobbed harder.
“I didn’t see that last part Letitia”, the short blushing bridesmaid rustled across the room in a magenta puff and curled her arm around the bride. “But I’m sure it isn’t as bad as you think.”
The bride sat up and sniffed. She wiped bitumen tracks along the former antique white delustered satin of her gloves. She stood up and grabbed folds of her dress in her fists. Lifting her head, jutting her neat little jaw forward and squaring her bare shoulders she signaled for her bridesmaids to follow.
“I’ll show him! Come on girls, let’s turn this fiasco into a party.” A flurry of antique white and magenta burst through the door into the reception.
A throaty chuckle filled the empty room.
“Amon, it appears you may have set the proverbial cat among the pigeons.”
“No, no you deserve first points brother, Admodeus, that little burst of lust certainly had the maid of honour curling those shapely legs around the groom.”
“No, first points go to Levi, he stirred up the green monster lurking in that girl’s breast.”
“Well it had been there a long time. Nice breasts by the way. She was one of Belphegor’s best accolytes in the sloth department. She would never have made a move until too late without Lev’s prodding.”
Lucifer waved his hand and the wall transformed to a one way viewing screen. The princes perched and reclined on any available horizontal space.
Asmodeus manifested their seating to comfortable leather cinema chairs. “Are we taking bets on who scores the most points?”
“Cake anyone. It would be such a shame to waste a perfectly good wedding cake.” Beelze-bub clicked his fingers and seven plates of wedding cake appeared in the air complete with magenta serviettes and silver cake forks. “Do we need to take score? Every time we end up at a wedding like this one it seems we come out even. Mmmm this is delicious.” A large chunk of icing coated fruit cake disappeared behind his appreciative lips.
“Oh look brothers, there is a marvellous fight going on and so much guzzling of the top shelf flavours. I wouldn’t mind some of that pate, Beelz if you don’t mind. Don’t let it all go to the food fight. Naughty girls, I do like them in magenta. Beelze-bub are you tickling the tastebuds out there?” A platter of food appeared.
“No Mammon that is your doing. Free booze always attracts an appreciative audience. Look, look, the bride is confronting that idiot almost groom. Oooo gorgeous right hook from the girl and he’s down.”
Six of the princes laughed and cheered.
“How do these things end up in our hands?” Lucifer allowed a wrinkle of puzzlement onto his perfect brow. He scrutinised the silver font on the magenta wedding invitation in his elegant hand. “We seem to be getting quite a few these days.” He shrugged his handsome shoulders and slipped the invitation back in his pocket. “Why don’t we all stir the pudding a little my brothers since our specialities work so well when mixed together?”
The seven princes twirled their index fingers widdershins and in unison toward the crowd of wedding guests then settled back to watch the show.

 there was a horoscope that described the 7 deadly sins as the 7 demon princes of hell so it made me think of a bl game where the 7 deadly sins were ur boyfriends and so i drew the thing really fastlel i wonder who would be the most popularfrom

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