Friday, 20 November 2015

Writing prompt 4

And in my head I heard it -  "Have you got it any blacker" quoth the pallid teen in the shoe ad from the early 90's

[WP]The Black Market is not shady websites and untrackable dealings, but rather it's an actual place, set up like a flea market. by igilix in WritingPrompts

Shelly said it wasn’t hard to find if you know where to look and she sent me a text with the address. I wasn’t sure about going, I had heard all the bad things but I really needed that perfect thing; the one that would set me apart from my competition, so I made the decision. Shelly said it only opened at night, which figures but I was up for a little adventure and she told me they had a dress code. I thought it was a bit weird but I took it on board and dressed accordingly. I wore black skinny jeans and a black t shirt, black socks and my lace up black work shoes, a black scrunchie in my hair and grabbed my only black jacket.
I wasn’t expecting how pretty it would be. The full moon shone huge in the sky but it wasn’t needed with the bright blue fairy lights in every tree and along every verandah in the street. Even the old fashioned street lamps shone blue, the dark shadows made darker in the cold light.
The crowd really surprised me, all dressed to the code but they couldn’t hold my attention once I looked at the merchandise. Anything and everything my little heart could desire and all sorts of things I had never even imagined or heard of. All of it in row after row piled high and brilliantly displayed and all of it, every last thing including the cabinets and tables, the décor and vendors, all of it was monochrome.
I was sure to find exactly what I needed here. All the shop fronts had roller doors that were open and I spent a long time wandering in and out amazed by it all. I felt like a tourist, gaping in wonder.
Finally my stomach made me follow my nose to the food stalls. A Goth girl in a velvet dress with flowing lacy sleeves smiled at me as she wrapped my meal.
“New here?”
I nodded and handed her the money.
“It is not what I expected that’s for sure.” I looked at my blood sausage and caramelised onions in Russian black bread.
“It surprises everyone the first time. Are you looking for anything in particular?”
“Accessories for my little black dress but it is harder than I anticipated. I didn’t think there would be so many shades of black before I came here.”
She laughed in a bubbly high pitched school girl kind of way that tugged my mouth into a grin.
“That’s why it’s called the black market.”