Sunday, 22 November 2015

Writing prompt 7

[WP] The zombie apocalypse happens, only since most bodies have already decomposed, it's not walking corpses we have to worry about, it's the living dirt. by Gamablaze in WritingPrompts
Stepping stones are treacherous when wet. We used to only need them in the creeks to get across but now they are everywhere and it is vital to keep them clean. Free of dirt and dust. That’s my job. I have to teeter on one stone and brush the next one clean then hop on that one and clean the next along. Used to be we had to shovel snow in winter and sweep the leaves in Autumn now we all clean stepping stones. It is the only way since the zombie apocalypse. The poor buggars were already rotting in their graves and falling apart. It was easy to get away from them and some of us played slam the toad with bats and racquets to knock their heads off or their legs. We forgot they had been people. Problem is once they hit the ground they disintegrated and the dirt became a bigger problem. It’s zombie dirt. All zombie dirt now and anyone who is stupid enough to walk on bare earth will die. Houses have become hermetically sealed dust free environments. Food is grown in sterilized hydroponics and no one walks outside, ever. Except when we have to, like now when it’s my turn to clean the darn stepping stones.