Friday, 20 November 2015

Writing prompt 5

It is amazing what comes out of the brain with a good writing prompt.

[WP] You are Ra. The morning and evening star. The God of the Sun. You're trying to live a normal life in the American suburbs. by NoahJWatkins in WritingPrompts

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“Oh my God, Ra, can you dampen down the glow a bit?” My wife covered her face with a pillow and I sheepishly dimmed my aura.
“Sorry honey, I was reading my stock report and felt a little excitement…”
She rolled onto her side and groaned. “Don’t wanna know, need sleep, kidslbeupin zzzzzzzzzzz”
I tugged the quilt up over her shoulder and dimmed my aura to the merest gleam and spooned in behind her.
“Dada, dada, make the day, make sunny for me.” Tefnut bounced up and down on the bed, her raven curls bouncing with her. Shu rolled his eyes and stood at the foot of the bed with his arms crossed in five year old disgust at his younger sister. “DaDa make sun.”
“What time is it?” I pulled Tefnut into a hug. Her giggles always make my heart sing. I stood up with her in my arms and ruffled Shu’s head as I walked toward the bathroom.
“It’s already five thirty Dad. Mother says you better get a move on, the sun won’t come up on its own.” His voice perfectly mimicked his mothers and I failed to hide my grin.
Shu walked out of the room, Tefnut wriggled to get out of my arms and I set her on the floor. She toddled on her chubby legs after her brother.
“Shoo-Shoo wait for me.”
I think I could easily cope with three or maybe four more daughters. I am sure I can charm my lovely wife into agreeing with me. The thought is enough to send the sun into the sky in a firey display. I jog down the stairs to the kitchen carrying my shoes. The smell of fresh coffee caresses my nostrils and I kiss Hathor’s neck after she hands me the coffee.
“Not in front of the children Ra, my God.” She smiled at me even through the scold. “The neighbours are coming for a barbeque on Saturday. The new Scandinavians at number seven seem nice, I am going to invite them over too so could you please pick up some ice and an extra bottle of white on your way home.”
“Of course my beloved.”
She looked at me with that look. The one that said I had best not light the bbq with supernatural matches or show off. It is so important to her that we seem normal suburban people.
“Are the Rhomaion’s coming too? I cannot stand how they always try to copy the Hellenica’s and then think it was all their idea in the first place, tell me you didn’t invite them?”
“No, they had a prior festival to attend but the Hellenica’s are coming and I invited the twins from number twelve. Here’s your lunch.” She handed me a paper bag and kissed my cheek before turning to her morning routine with the kids.
“You be good at school today Shu and no showing off. Remember we have to fit in.” I knelt down to be face to face with my son, he pouted.
“Human kids are dumb Dad, why can’t I do things to them?”
“I tell you what Shu, how about you and I go for a camping trip. We can both take Monday off and go up into the mountains on Sunday and practice away from prying eyes. Would you like that?” His eyes lit up and the pout disintegrated into a smile.
“Do you promise Dad?”
“It will be our reward for not smiting any humans this week. Can you promise me too?”
“I promise.” His solemn little face made my heart swell with pride.
“Good boy, now off to school and keep your bike on the road please.” He threw his arms around my neck and I squeezed him firmly. I watched him ride off down the street with his backpack lifting behind him.
“Slow down.” I yelled but he didn’t need to hear my voice to slow his speed. The yelling was for the neighbours. I waved to the Asian gentleman across the street collecting his paper from the front lawn. We both gave a slight bow and walked back into our homes. I felt her before she slid her arms around my waist. I covered her arms with mine and clasped her hands.
“You are going to have to start taking Tefnut. She is showing signs and will need some training before kindergarten. She spat in the bath last night and it was all I could do to stem the overflow. I don’t want her drowning small things in a bird bath.”
“So it has come. Well, we will have precocious children.” I could feel her laugh against my back and turned to pull her into my arms. I breathed her scent and kissed the top of her head. Being human had made me appreciate the wonder in simple things.
“Time to go to work. See you at six love.”
“Drive safe, and keep the car on the road. You are not invulnerable, well maybe you are but the car isn’t and I do want to stay here a while longer. Love you.”
I watched in the rear view mirror as she waved to me and my heart glowed.
It would be unseasonably warm today.