Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunday so sleepy

I am back from an enormous journey around Victoria. I took a train on Friday to Melbourne and a suburban train to Blackburn and stayed in Forest Hill and on Saturday my sister and I traveled up to Kyabram past Shepparton to attend a memorial service for our Aunty Jeanette. The whole experience was a little surreal but the day was amazing in so many ways. I reacquainted myself with someone I had not seen for 33 years. I managed to be rude to a complete stranger and then apologised for it. I cried and laughed and cracked jokes and hid in the car for a while.  My sister and I found ourselves having a really bonding road trip probably the first time in our lives it was just us and no kids. We came back through Seymour and drove across to Alexandra and surprised my eldest son and had him makes us a pizza and cups of tea. It was so good to see him. Then we stopped for a glass of water with one of my brothers and back to Forest Hill. I have travelled approximately 1500 kilometres since Friday morning so I am a little weary.

The weekend afforded me many many little experiences and observations that I am sure will find their way into my fiction in coming months.
Oh the story a day challenge finished yesterday and today is the start of the romance writers 30 day challenge. I had best renew my membership so I can participate. On the to do list!

I am heading to my bed now to sleep and sleep and sleep.