Saturday, 7 June 2014

Strangely productive Saturday

I woke up made a mango protein smoothie hung my washing on the line and fell asleep again. I dreamed I was in a house I had rented or bought sight unseen. it was multistory and old, solid brick but I cam in at the lower level and the first three rooms were dreadful, very old. The first room I entered had a couple of pipes sticking out of the wall which was sticky yellow paint over brick and an uneven concrete floor. There was a a door at the far side which had a step down into a room with a toilet with a wooden seat and an old raised cistern with a chain. I went into the next room that was also bare except for an old stove shoved into a painted over chimney niche. I was beginning to think desperate thoughts of 'what have I done?' when I opened the door of the third room nearest the back door. The floor was made of what was left of wooden floorboards barely held together with a sticky lacework that might have been spider webbing. I put one foot on the floor and it sagged and I began to doubt we could live in such a dreadfully neglected place with a floor that would collapse if anyone so much as stepped on it. I went upstairs and found an enormous room that had multiple doors across the far wall. The windows if there were any were covered so the light was dim. I grabbed the first door handle and found that I had swung out a shoulder height wooden wall that had a row of coat hooks across the back. I put it back then slid open the next door that turned out to be a dumb waiter. Light shone down in a circle in the centre and the whole was filled with lint and dust and of course spider webs. All the doors on that wall proved to be dark and decrepit. Then I head my son call and I turned around to find corridors/hallways made of glass and rows of white cupboards that had things left behind by the previous tenants. I thought maybe a church group had had the place before me because the things were all kinds of art and craft with theology themes. My youngest son called out that he had found a kitchen and I began to feel more hopeful and optimistic. It was a weird dream and very very realisitic.

Okay so I took some photos of the last three days themes which I neglected to upload yesterday.
Today, day 7 is Pattern
one of my sons is attempting to coach me into solving a cube. I have only once in my life been able to do so with the slow and deliberate use of the instruction manual. My son finds me a very frustrating student. The stripy cup is a good pattern simply because it adorns a cup filled with tea. There are other patterns in this picture, a pattern of pop culture items, timber grain, wood panels on the little beach house, a pattern of knots in the ropes, even a pattern in the order of doctors. If I had expanded the scope I would have the pattern of a dr who scarf further along the shelf.
This was my ELEVEN picture a little past eleven o'clock is my steam punk watch hanging on my bedside chandelier.

these are my adventure pictures, one is the ocean from a travelling car near Phillip Island on my 1500 trek around Victoria to go to a writers weekend and the other is my time turner, well it helps me work out the time differences between here and the rest of the world so I can coordinate my conversations. International interactions are always an adventure even from the comfort of my very own desk chair.

Today I wrote a 3000 word short story for an anthology of ghostly tales for younger readers. I had already submitted one but some of my story was too much like another so I withdrew it. I am quite pleased with this one. I also wrote another 1500 words on my WIP and have had an altercation that ended in bloodshed between some major characters leaving my MC vulnerable and alone. All a bit worrisome. I am off to do some more as I did promise to complete it this weekend.

Oh I did some more art. I used a set of cheap oil pastels and they are horrid. They don't blend or go on smoothly and they were very frustrating to manipulate so the end result was quite BLAH however I am going to inflict my horrid piece on you so you know never to use cruddy cheap oil pastels.

On the theme of Feast of course and this time my interpretation of feast was books, music, art, stars, trees, maps and learning. Brain feast.

That is it for me for tonight I am going to write some more and then have a visual feast of dwarves and a hobbit and a deliciously scaly dragon.