Sunday, 30 January 2011

the rejected novel

My first attempt at a novel took possession of me back in 1999. Its original title : if the shoe fits has been used by someone else and its current working title: the ogre and the puppet woman is unworkable however I doubt I will use this novel again but it does have some good elements I will recycle.
This Novel was rejected by two publishing houses with wonderful feedback and encouragement.
It took me six months to get the courage to actually post this first manuscript once it was in the envelope. It served the purpose of getting me past a fear hump and now I look back on the piece I see so many glaring problems with it but I also see where my influences came from.
I have always wanted to write or rather I just made up stories but I rarely wrote them down. I told stories to my younger siblings and children I babysat in my teens and I have had people tell me over the years that the stories I told them stayed with them. One beautiful young mother tells me she tells my stories to her children.
My own children both grown and still at home often recount how my stories stay with them and my siblings tell me my early stories gave them nightmares and an indelible impression in their memories. I hope they will tell those stories back to me some day because I have forgotten them.

I have several novels in progress. One is a SF/fantasy, one fits in to the new 'urban fiction' category, several are for children and involve fairies far removed from the pretty delicate things people tend to think of, a couple of odd romances and some childrens picture books about relationships. I also have a 'how to' I intend to dust off, polish up and send out into the world.

I am excited about the year ahead in terms of my writing and I am extremely grateful to my supportive fans who bully me about when the next part of an adventure will be related.