Sunday, 30 January 2011

My step Dad

My step dad

My step dad is short and has red hair and blue eyes. His hair curls up at the ends but he hasn’t any hair on top. He doesn’t look like us.

My step dad says he is a leprechaun and when his work made him wear bright green overalls, he let me paint his lunchbox and boots to match.

My step dad took me fire spotting with him in the Mt. Gordon fire tower. It was very high and scary but I felt safe because he was right behind me. I saw an eagle from the tower.

My step dad loves my mum. He dances rock and roll with her and they are very good.

My step dad is a big Elvis fan. He doesn’t look like Elvis either but he pretends sometimes.

My step dad helps people. I get so mad sometimes when he is taking us to the movies and he stops for a broken down car and we don’t get there.

My step dad works in the forest and he smells like timber and smoke and warmth.

My step dad brushes my hair very gently.

My step dad plays darts. He showed us how to play darts too. We all joined the local team.

My step dad plays footy. I never went to footy matches before he came to live with us.

My step dad smokes a pipe and plays guitar. He likes playing duelling banjos. I like the smell of tobacco but not when it is burning in the pipe.

My step dad makes the best chips in the world. Sometimes for a treat he would buy prawn crackers and cook them for us too.

My step dad took us on holiday to Queensland. We had lots of fun at the beach until I got caught in jelly fish tentacles. My step dad put vinegar on me and it didn’t sting for too long.

My step dad lights the fire at night to keep us warm. He showed me how to build the kindling up so the fire will go first time.

My step dad makes me feel safe. I fall asleep listening to him talking gently to my mum.

My step dad isn’t my father but he loves me just the same and I love him.

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