Sunday, 30 January 2011

my step mum

My step mum

My step mum comes from overseas. She doesn’t say things the same way we do.

My step mum cooks different things than mum does. I like some of the things she cooks but some of them smell funny and look weird.

My step mum loves animals. She looks after baby wallabies and has lots of different types of birds in her hen house.

My step mum works on the farm with my dad. She works very hard and is very skinny.

My step mum keeps a diary every day. She writes in tiny writing. I started keeping a diary.

My step mum takes photos. She has thousands of pictures of all the places she has been. She has been to lots of countries.

My step mum tells really funny stories.

My step mum speaks lots of languages. I want to speak lots of languages too.

My step mum gives all the animals on the farm a name.

My step mum misses her family overseas but she is part of our family now too.

My step mum does a lot of things differently than we are used to but we like new things.

My step mum holds hands with my dad when they walk through the bush looking at things. That’s cute.

My step mum annoys me sometimes. She says children where she comes from are never naughty like me. I think she made that up.

My step mum holds my head when I am sick and gets a cold cloth for my forehead.

My step mum has lots of cool collections of thimbles and shells and animal skulls.

My step mum is nice. I like her a lot.

My step mum doesn’t have warts or a magic mirror and she doesn’t give me poisoned apples or lose me in the forest. Step mums are OK!

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