Sunday, 30 January 2011



rainbow swirls in oil droplets on the road
slushing sounds of the tires
grey, slowly losing shape in the fog
Broken hearts
everywhere are broken hearts
gather them in hold them close
glue them with tears and caresses
hold their hearts
stop them breaking
broken broken broken
so many times broken
tiny fragments drift away
Outside the window the rain is heavier and everything is shrouded in water

motes of music weave magic and sound
to hold them
spell bound rippling the edges
holding back the fog

grief is a heavy
dragging drawing clawing eating away
at a heart full of mourning seeping into the cracks
drying out the flesh

rainbow swirls in droplets of oil as rain hits the road.
Water skims across slick blackness and whorls of translucent colour move endlessly across the surface.
lost, empty, drawn into the patterns.
fog and water condense
Everything loses focus
Find a way through the fog
think about how pretty oil drops are
hear motes of music
beauty in the ordinary
magic in the music
drawing the broken parts together