Sunday, 1 February 2009

sensory deprivation and a monologue

Sensory deprivation….

The telephone booths coalesce giddily and I stumble toward what I hope is the real one. I can’t feel my feet and the blast still echoes so loud in my head I hear nothing else. Some other sense makes me swivel to one side and I see…GOD I see multiples of everything twisting grotesquely through my kaleidoscope eyes. I think I fall. The angle of the images changes. Grasping at straws in the maelstrom of my terror I try to find the telephone again. I feel nothing. I hear too much to hear anything. All my hands are in slow motion. Which is real? I need to find the number the nul the void I’m falling into. Zero zero zero I can’t hear my voice. Am I yelling? Am I whispering? Have they even connected with me? I can’t hear. Accident. Help. Can they hear me? Trace the call I think I say. Something shutters my eyes. Blessed relief from the shattered images brings it’s own terror. Now I am shrouded. I feel nothing, no sound, no sight, no, no, no, no, no, no, no….

Monologue in fifty words…oops 72

Okay then. I have to think of a di, no that’s wrong, di means between, it’s a mono logue. Mono that means one. Logue has something to do with language and lists as in catalogue, cato meaning in order or flat or whatever. It’s all Greek to me. I should take Latin lessons instead of just guessing. So where was I, that’s right a monologue. Might as well just talk to myself.