Sunday, 1 February 2009

filling in

Nothing more than a fill in

No lingering kisses or sweet romance

No soft conversations just a parting glance filled with guilt

No respect

Is it me is it him is it the social climate we live in

I am so confused no answers nothing pretty just sad sighs and

Romantic stuff makes me cry because I haven’t got any of it

It passed me by

Everyone is searching for that one other person who makes it all worthwhile

Bumping into all the other lonely souls along the way looking too far ahead to notice the ones too lonely and looking too far ahead to notice the ones under their noses in front of them and hoping to find someone along the way

We share our bodies but not our hearts empty sharing like an ice-cream cone with no ice-cream a husk a shell a fragile bubble dream ready to burst and reveal the empty place inside the place we try to hide from ourselves

Once just once I knew what it felt like to love someone closer than skin melding blending understanding at last what poets meant by two being one and being more than two and whole and complete

Just once

Holding pattern waiting listening watching the horizon and filling in time