Sunday, 1 February 2009

the pendulum swings

Together we are more

He is the calm at the eye of my storm

He is the fragrant oils poured on my turgid waters

He is the peaceful moment in the midst of my turmoil

I don’t need him to pay my bills

I don’t need him to fix the car

I don’t need him for sex, although I like him there

I don’t need his advice on politics or finance, ‘though I value his opinion

And I hear him sigh and wonder why he is here at all

He is my quiet place

He is my haven

He is the well from which I draw the energy to face my life

Maybe that is not enough for him

Maybe he needs to be a hero

Maybe his ego demands he fix things

Maybe he is lost and needs to know where he belongs

I hear his cry of frustration and rage

And shine the light of my love as a beacon to guide him

And I hope it is enough for him to find me

So we are not alone

He is my strength

He is my motivation

He is my dream and my desire

I rest my head against him and I hear his heart beat slowly

I listen to his voice and I relax

I tingle with excitement when I know he’ll soon be near me

I feel a sense of safety that only he can give

I don’t need him for the everyday mundanities of life

I don’t need him to define me as a person

I don’t need his assistance with anything at all

I don’t need a single thing from him that I can’t do myself

I offer him no dangers to make him feel a man

In this new life he must find that which will define him

No rugged exploration or tough battles to protect me

I just want him to be with me, caress my cheek and hold my hand