Friday, 3 March 2017

The thrid week - I should have known better

Publication Puberty Blues

One of the adages bandied about in the writing community is "If someone asks you for money up front to publish - you are being ripped off".

I managed to avoid having my wallet heavily skimmed over the past few years but I sure as heck didn't make any money as the pile of publications with my writing and art has grown. Sure, some of the publications were raising money for good causes and I am a sucker for a good cause but I have had to pay for a copy of most and have not had the budget to acquire some and I won copies of others in competitions where they were offered as prizes, I have only once been given a copy of a publication and that was a small writing group.

Too many  small press like to groom the little hopefuls(like me) to "do it for the experience", "it will get your name out there."

I am no longer doing it for "EXPERIENCE".

That term makes me very angry. So many people offer the dubious thrill of experience as the payment for artists/writers/musicians creativity. The creative person is expected to pay their rent and electricity bill and put food on the table with "EXPERIENCE" while the person taking the creative work makes plenty of money from the hard work of others. There are far too many sharks in the waters folks, quite a few wolves in the woods and plenty of naive, gullible, bright eyed creatives out there losing a lot of money for the thrill of seeing their name in print.

 I should have known better.

 I should have valued myself and my work.

I should have known that I am entitled to be paid for my work the same as a surgeon, a mechanic or a gardener would be, even fast food teenagers get paid and so should I.

I should have learned my industry the easier way.  Through study and research.

It takes a long time for the pay cheque to come for a writer, which can be disheartening, and having something - anything - published can be a big, albeit temporary, boost to the self esteem but in the long run it isn't worth it to throw away your treasure to the sharks.

I have learned some valuable lessons over the past few years and come through relatively unscathed and now I know that what I create is worth being paid for. 


Guess what, there is a serious typo in my title. It is there to remind me that I need to practice my copy editing skills.

I feel out of my depth with the meta language of our language but, just as with my other language studies, slowly but surely and with plenty of practice, I will acquire the knowledge to know the function of the words in sentences and it will take my writing to a higher level. It might even help me with the cases in the other languages.  Cheer me on gang. <3

Do you have a 'rip off an artiste" story you could share with me? Tell me in the comments.