Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Blog Decision

 There was not much of a decision to make about choosing a theme/genre for my blog. I already consider this a lifelong learning blog. I do love to learn.

So week four or is it five, flew past. I am so glad I scheduled my calendar to remind me to blog.

I gave a short talk on Creative Non Fiction, had my research proposal approved, signed up for the state library and Trove, and checked the online resources at both and at several local libraries with which I hold a card. I checked a final edit on the anthology I have three stories in and created the cover art for.
Okay stop checking, it is week four...I spent today in court and I am three weeks into four of an OWL.
which, as the logo clearly states, is an online writing lab. Short short courses that will fit into any budding writers lifestyle.

I don't write romance with a lower case or capital R, I write relationships into my works but the relationship is not the focus of the story. The Romance Writers of Australia organisation is a marvelous one to belong to no matter what you write. Take a look at some of their short short courses and squeeze a little writing polish into your busy life.

I finished A Sparkling Guide to Gripping Goal, Motivation & Conflict with CT Green, last month and this month I am taking Bring your story into focus: why ‘show don’t tell’ is a layer cake  with Sandy Vaile.

I know what you are thinking "This woman is insane, a diploma and short courses, insane!" and you might very well be correct but I am fairly likeable crazy apparently. 

Another task this week in Writing for the New Media was to look at other blogs and see what I liked about them, plus write up a report on them, and then implement some of the things I like into this blog. Apparently I need the little linking icons for my other social media so I will put them in soon. I suspect my blog will change a bit over the next few weeks as I experiment.

Please let me know what you think of the changes and feel free to suggest things that would make landing on my blog easier for you.

Have a great week <3