Thursday, 9 March 2017

Four weeks have flown

Next week I have to make a decision about this blog. What genre is it? Well it is a bit of a babble about my learning and my writing so I am thinking it fits into lifelong learning. Is life long learning a genre though or just a theme? That is probably the question I need to answer first.

Academics will tell you they dislike Wikipedia and other encyclopedia because they are too generalised but I love them as the doorstep to more specific knowledge. Thank you 'pedia' put together-ers. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about lifelong learning.

So fourth week of my new direction and I am feeling good. Stressed, tired, overworked but really good. My brain is having a party.I am managing to jog a little up the first flight of stairs. Stepping firmly up the second flight and shuffling the last after a break on the landing. This is an improvement on the first week.

I am cringing in Editing 2 because I feel as if I am drowning in information but I also feel that the tutor/teacher Mike is going to get me through it and I will emerge greatly enriched and better prepared in my writing.

I am being more habitual about this blog for New Media and looking forward to creating a logo and webpage where I will link this blog and I am keen to learn how to use the photo manipulation program on this laptop I am typing from.

Creative non fiction is skilling me up for several non fiction projects I have in mind and I am excited about that 'big kev'. Once I have my extra extra tech day with my good friend Mica I will even know how to utilise all these library cards to access their online interface. (see what I did there Geoff? Of course you didn't, :) )

Industry Overview is of course vital. Many a rejection is in my folder because I did no do enough research in targeting my submissions. Writing a game plan is vital in any business and being professional means getting business sense. So I am writing a plan and  planning to publish!

Mists and Thimbles is proving extraordinarily stimulating in terms of story ideas. I loved reading fairy tales, myths, folk tales and legends when I was young but have not visited the pantheons for a long time. It is lovely to be back amidst the magic. I love that science is also still investigating the far past. There are many an archeological discovery that add some truth to the legends. Try this article about Sutton Hoo  
I am popping in this short video because I had to work out how to do that for my new media expectations. Let me know in the comments please,  if it works.

Advanced fiction is my final subject for this semester and I am so pleased I am enrolled in it. I have been working on several novels for a few years now in between, kids, dogs, domestic drudgery, life, the universe and everything and thought I had two close to complete, but now I see they are about as finished as the buildings in Huff post's (and they are even more worserer than encyclopedias) list of seven unfinished monuments. I managed to write scene cards for one manuscript and discovered a whole host of discrepancies in my narrative.

On that note, I shall wind up my post and leave you with a sunset (taken by me on my phone).
For my fellow students, how are you enjoying your studies?
For my fellow travelers, do you consider yourself a lifelong learner?

ps deliberate misspelling of words is deliberately aimed at my dearly beloved deliberate grammar tyrants. <3 You know who you are.