Saturday, 26 December 2015

364 days until Christmas...

Groan. Yes I heard you groan. Well I heard me groan. Isn't that a weird word. Groan.
Old English grānian, of Germanic origin; related to German greinen ‘grizzle, whine’, grinsen ‘grin’, also probably to grin.
I saw a six pack of fruit buns in the supermarket a week before Christmas.  Image result for fruit bunsof course they did not have crosses on them yet so they were not hot cross buns, just fruit buns. 
Did you know there are around forty-two festivals and religious observances in December. We humans are fascinating creatures but we are  consistent. There have been mid December festivals of some kind for at least 4000 years, since long before December was called December. I love that people study ancient history with all the associated myths and legends and then someone else wraps it all up in a neat precis on a web page and I love that we can surf the web for snippets of information and lose track of time absorbing all sorts of incredible information about our own existence. 

I am so grateful to be where I am and when I am.

Image result for cardboard boxesHappy Boxing Day and happy birthday Nephew DJ