Monday, 6 April 2015

Knickers for a Lammily doll and friends

First I have to tell you I am a self taught seamstress and my enthusiasm sometimes outstrips my skill base. I have been playing around with an old Enid Gilchrist pattern and adjusting it for my 18', 11" and Lammily dolls.

 This is the original Enid Gilchrist pattern for panties and a bra for teenage girls.  I scanned it and adjusted the settings and printed it out at 1/8th of an A4 sheet. 
I used a wide stretch lace to make the underwear and sat the waistline and top of each bra along the pretty edging.
 I think this should print out as A4 but the measurements are on it if it doesn't work for you. Feel free to print or copy these patterns.

The bra and panties are in three sizes for an 18", 11" and Lammily doll.
 A marvelous thing I discovered about the old Enid Gilchrist magazines I have is that the patterns in the actual pages are a perfect size for Lammily.  This basic pattern will give you a dress and jacket. Modernise the fabrics and there you have the beginning of a whole wardrobe. If you have some of these old magazines try printing some of the pages and cutting the pattern out.*They need adjusting, I will pop up the adjusted patterns when they are done. Some of the magazines contain separate pages for larger sizes this 86.5cm is the smallest. I will let you know what happens with the bigger sizes and if they fit Lammily. :)
 I have a whole folder full of these dating from the fifties through to the seventies which I inherited. They are musty and dusty and full of terrific ideas for doll clothes adapted from adult and children patterns.

I am going to attempt this pattern today and see how it goes.

As you can see the pattern prints directly from the magazine at just the right size for a Lammily doll. ****I was wrong about the shirt, it only fits Barbie so I will do some adjusting. I think some of the dress patterns will be okay though. It looked like it would work but it is too small. Back to the drawing board. :)
 Here is Miss Matty Lammily in her new stretch lace under garments.

This is my 18" Chrissy doll in her new undergarments in stretch lace.

 The back of Chrissy. I have yet to sew a fastener on her bra strap.
 Chrissy from the side in her boyleg lacy panties.
Matty, Chrissy and Barbie in their new undergarments. Barbie is not used to full briefs which are so unlike her usual high cut bikinis.

 Here is Matty with her new haircut.

I will put up adjusted patterns as I work them out. Hope this has been helpful for you.