Monday, 27 April 2015

20 minute sock wardrobe for a Lammily doll

As promised, here is the printable sheet to make up your doll's passport. 

Here are the component parts of mine sitting on my keyboard.

I glued the pages blank sides together to form a concertina of pages.

Then glued them inside the cover. I contemplated laminating the cover in a business card laminating envelope but decided against it.

And here is Matty holding her passport and eager to go travelling.
So now she needs some extra clothes and after seeing some terrific posts about making clothing from socks I decided to give it a try. I chose a few old socks of my daughter, from the odd socks bag to have my first attempts. I was quite pleased to have two paid of track pants, a skirt, a head scarf and a snug sleeveless top in less than 20 minutes.

 First up is a pair of track/sweat pants. The stripe is in the sock already. I cut off the toes and the heel of the sock which was a short women's anklet. Cut straight up the centre of the sock from toe end to where the heel began then sewed the heel gap closed and hemmed each leg then sewed the inside leg seam. It took me about 7-10 minutes for this first pair. The elastic of the sock was exactly right for the waistband.

 My biggest mess up with this first pair was cutting out the heel and not leaving a deep enough crotch so there was some extra stitching to make these sit right. I also hemmed the legs at different lengths by about half a cm but the stretch material allows for some tugging. Not bad for a first attempt.
Next I tried the sock top knickers. I simply cut away the rest of the sock from the ribbing making sure I left a long enough piece for the crotch of the knickers. Then I cut the legs at an angle, zig zag stitched around the legs then sewed the crotch seam. 2 minutes to undies/panties. 

 Next sock turned into a skirt. Cut, fold, hem and wear in under 2 minutes.

 and here she is in her new sock skirt with her shirt tucked in.
 shirt pulled out and over the waist band, view from behind.
 side view in the sock skirt.
 14 minutes and we have knickers, trackies and a skirt from three old socks.
 Then I put a stitch in the discarded toe and turned it into a head scarf in about 30 seconds and the second striped sock took much less time than the first to turn into a pair of warm sport pants.

 The main part of the white sock turned into a tube top for my Chrissy doll and a headband.

This is an old phone cover sock of my daughter's which has been gathering dust for almost a decade so I re-purposed it into a shiny tube dress/top for my Lammily doll. Simply unpicking the seam at the base and hemming it and there it is in under 2 minutes.

I also made a pair of knickers for my Chrissy doll out of a stocking sock which only needed leg holes cut and hemmed because of the shape but I haven't taken a photo yet. I am sure my end products will improve with practice but for now I am very happy with my 20 minute wardrobe.

Type "Making doll clothes from socks" into your favourite search engine and you will find many terrific tutorials and patterns online.

Happy making!