Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Friday the third and then some

Today has been an unusual day to say the least. I spent an hour in court

from 9.30 to 10.30am and stood in the witness stand discussing a change in view with the Magistrate who allowed the changes. Then had a cup of coffee courtesy of my son who shouted me a take away cappucino. The cafe was extraordinarily busy today so it took more than ten minutes to have our coffees made but it is the only place I will have coffee. I am normally a tea drinker  and might have an iced coffee once or twice a year so it is very unusual for me to have coffee. Bright Bird Cafe in Warrnambool does make a delicious coffee and it was worth the wait.

I am going to Portland for 3 weeks. Portland Victoria Australia that is.
I plan to spend a great deal of time in the library catching up on words and art and walking to and from which should be good for me. So before leaving I filled the car with petrol and purchased two raffle tickets raising money for Peter's Project

for a prize of a life sized 'TheStig' cut out with its own metal frame.
So already weird. I managed to slide it into my tiny Barina over the top of the seats. It only just fitted. My friend Glenda gave my son and a mattress a lift to Portland and I am following later on with a carload of clothes and a dog and The Stig.

five days later...
I launched merrily into INKTOBER and most of the art is on my pinterest sent as a photograph from my phone to my son's phone then uploaded and then onto FB. I am temporarily residing in Portland to support my offspring and their offspring and they do not have internet...scream hair tear crazy I am home for the day catching up on emails and uploads and I just plugged in my scanner but I am off for lunch with a friend before I do that so I will be back in an hour or so to tell you all about my Inktober uploads. watch this space...

Lunch consisted of carrot, pumpkin and roasted capsicum soup with toasted sourdough. Very delicious.
So back to art and my ink creations for Inktober.
Day 1 WOOD  dip pen and ink
 day 2 Vintage. felt tip markers and fine liner
 day 3 Envelope. Inktense
 Day 4 Path
 Day 5 Spiral
 Day 6 Monument
Day 7 Fire

Day 8  enormous

I am enjoying expanding my thinking with ink. I borrowed some books on cartoonists and tattoo art from the Portland library so I can further explore the world of ink.

So my day home in Warrnambool is almost over, I washed my clothes and checked my email, organised things, paid bills, had lunch with a friend, picked up some groceries for the boys at home, hung out the washing, and here I am finishing the blog post I started last week. Staying 90km from home is a little awkward and disruptive and I so miss my own bed. I did say hello to it - yes I know, crazy right? It is all for a good cause so I will stop complaining but I sure am looking forward to life settling back to known routines.

I did managed to read all five of the novels in the Vampire Academy series and intend to write my mixed reactions up as a book review. I will share it when I am home next.

Time to go my dear readers. Hope your life is a little less tumultuous than mine. Sending you sunshine and hugs (eucalyptus scented ones).