Monday, 15 March 2010

typing the old fashioned way

Brother came up from the neighbourhood house
to help me out.
What a louse!
Cost me money, got me stressed,
Stacked all the letters
What a mess!

Iona's brother came to stay
I wish that he would go away
He wouldn't take up the slack
Caused me quite a lot of flack
Seventies orange, past his day
Made everything fade to grey

My old brother is on the floor
He wont work anymore
The kids play with him some days
They poke and they punch him and play with his
keys, but mostly he hides
behind the door
'cause don't work, anymore.

A new friend is on the way, coming to stay
who wont fade to grey.
Will clean up the mess
Will work fast and hard
Worth all the money
move over brother here comes my...
computer. :)

all my typewriters in the 90's were 'brothers'. My first real computer with internet access happened in 1999 and the 'brothers' all went out to the great typewriter reject pile.