Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Now I am writing in a course again it seems I need to find more outlets for my skills. it is good to be setting aside specific writing time and also very good to be focussed on writing as my profession. it will happen this time. I spent a goodly part of last night going through old folders and finding odd pieces of prose, short stories and poetry that I had forgotten i even wrote. i found a quirky poem about typewriters being superseded by the computer and I might type that in. The most interesting thing that occurred was my 14 year old son said he had never read anything I had written so how could he know I was a writer. I gave him my first ever manuscript and waited anxiously as he read it. he didn't move a muscle and was extrordinarily quiet for him. When he finished I asked how he found it and with an enormous grin on his face said in a pretend mocking tone...'this is complete rubbish you should not consider giving up your day job..." by which I realized he was giving me his highest praise and later expressed how cruel I must have been to have given his brother only a chapter at a time when I wrote it. High praise from my hardest critics.