Thursday, 29 June 2017

Puffing Billy



Yesterday, toddler-boy and I went on a train trip. We wore scarves and gloves, beanies and two jackets. There are no windows on Puffing Billy and the temperatures in winter are quite chill for Australia.
Nanny and toddler boy in front of the train engine
Louis, who is now an official volunteer with the Puffing Billy team, invited us along as his guests. Thank you Louis.
Louis the volunteer

 I haven't been to Puffing Billy since I was a child so I had a child's delight in rediscovering the fun of travelling very slowly up a tree covered hill in Dandenong Ranges.
up the hill and around the bend

I mentioned to Louis that it would almost be faster to walk but getting somewhere fast is not the point of Puffing Billy. If I had been a little less svelte challenged I would have eagerly sat on the window ledge with my legs sticking out. Toddler-boy was happy to do so while the train was stationary at the platform.
Toddler boy sitting on the window ledge

 We stopped at Lakeside for an hour and a half and had lunch by the lake (yes there is one) with a few colourful companions.
Rosellas at lunch

You can look at all the professional photographs and read about the mountains and the train on the official sites if you follow the links but here on my blog I am just going to tell you I had a fabulous day.  Thank you Louis and the Puffing Billy team.