Sunday, 11 January 2015

Revising in ReviMo
Revising is an important part of polishing any manuscript to readiness and this week we have the annual ReviMO. Yes another challenge with a funny name. Revising for a week in January for picture book writers predominantly, the week is organised and run by Meg Miller. She is a writer and artist and many other wonderful things and you can find out all about her on her blog by clicking the cute picture.

Meg has gathered a veritable treasure trove of blog guests to tell us all about the nitty gritty bits and bobs of revising and has filled the treasure chest with incredibly generous prizes for participants. 

Revising occurs anytime there is a manuscript at the end of its first draft and it might seem odd to gather for a week in January but cheering each other on is an amazing motivator. Networking and encouraging is a wonderful part of the kidlit world and ReviMo is just another example of the kind and generous people who  populate it.

 Writers from all around the world have joined for this intense week of revising and we have a facebook group to gather and support each other in.

If you are a children's writer and think a community and quality blog posts would help you polish your work then come and take a look at ReviMO.

I spent today ripping a manuscript to pieces, slicing it up, cutting out words, discussing it and piecing it back together. I think it might just be a much more marketable idea now but there is more writing to do. I like ReviMo for giving me a dedicated time to set aside everything else and just revise.

Thanks Meg Miller.