Monday, 22 December 2014

Santa quits

advent calender stories 
Santa Quits
(350 words)
I’ve had enough Mrs Claus,
Sack the elves, lock the doors
Cut up the suit and make a quilt
Put the deer all out to pasture
There isn’t any reason dear for me to keep the job this year
The news cast shows the world wide weather is too crazy for the sled.
I’ll get cosy by the fire and put my feet up here instead, once I lock it in the shed.
There’s raging blizzards all around, twisting cyclones in Australia, fire storms and broken ice, heat waves where there shouldn’t be. Frost caves forming in old glaciers, melting Arctic, rising seas, rapid floods, oozing mudslides, hot volcanoes in Hawai’i!
It’s just too much.
What’s the matter Santa dear is it really all that weather?
I’ll make a nice hot cocoa then you can sit and tell me
What it is that really has you in this dreadful bother.
It’s not like you to rant and rave about a little weather.
I can’t compete with super stores
Kids who want and want some more
It seems that no one cares for things that once were made with love
Production lines of shiny plastic, batteries and miles of wire
Blinking lights and robot voices or the latest trendy gadget
All the hungry lost and lonely people sleeping in the street
A million match girls no one sees freezing, by their feet.
No one these days even knows what a match girl is
And you dear man are working up to quite an awful tizz.
Get your suit on right this minute and strap in all the deer
You are part of the solution when troubled days are near
No matter what the weather or who sleeps upon the ground
You cannot fix in one day the big things that abound
Make a difference in little things as you walk your path
 A friendly smile, a kindly wave, a jolly cheerful laugh
Lighten the heart of a single child, or bring a family hope
That is what it’s all about. I am sure that you will cope.
Off you go Dear.