Saturday, 5 July 2014

Fifth of July

Today is the fifth of July. It is 2.16am and my sleeping patterns are all over the place. I have been pinning my art work on boards on Pinterest and it takes a lot of time. It is amazing to me to see my art work all in one place and to realise just how much art I have been doing this past year. Like my writing I am trying out all sorts of new things and having a forum like the 52 week challenge I am able to feel encouraged and supported by the 1900 other artists from around the world who are also contributing their art as they too try new things and brush up old skills. When we don't have enough place to share our art we can make it and Tania McCartney has done a wonderful job of providing that space. Now she has two assistants to keep it all in line as it grows exponentially week by week.

My gallery button now takes the click through to my pinterest. I have started putting in boards for my anthology contributions and wall murals past and present. It will take a while for me to upload it all but I will feel better once it is done.

here are this weeks art pieces for the theme SNOW

a snow gum in fog. Copic markers and pencil
 a snow scape. Copic markers
snow fairies, copic markers
Mixed medium, copic markers, chalk pastels, gouache and pencil

then I did a little cropping and enhancing with digital which I haven't had a lot of time to learn effectively.

I am in the middle of making art for another writer who has a middle grade book well along the track of being publishing ready. It is a fascinating journey to work with another author to try and produce the images that are her vision. It adds a whole new perspective when trying to make an image that is satisfactory to two people.

I think I almost have it though.

Last month I entered the Romance Writer's of Australia 50/30 as I have mentioned and at the 30th June had written 81101 words. I finished off one novel and began on a new one. the new one is almost at 50k already with the 5k I have written so far this month.

This one feels like a trilogy in the making as I have a whole cast of characters and some interesting plots lines to weave together.

I am going to make a wish board and put on it the kind of things I hope and desire for the future.

Oh another rejection today (that makes ten), the story I pitched to Allen and Unwin's Friday Pitch did not elicit a response so I shall pop that in my rejections folder and start hunting for a new potential home.

Oh dear it is 2.30 now and I need to sleep so I shall finish up here. Looks like once a week is where my blog is going to sit. Hugs everyone.