Wednesday, 15 October 2008

conversation without words

Conversation without words

She ran her fingertip slowly down the front of his grey micro fibre shirt. He watched its progress towards his belt then grabbed her hand, lifting it to his mouth. Softly kissing each fingertip in turn his eyes never leaving her face. She grinned, raised her eyebrows and turned away from him. Her hand dropped down behind her, palm up fingers curled invitingly. He covered her palm with his and she towed him toward the dance floor. Her arms encircled his neck, his slipped around her waist. They moved in sync .His hands traced her soft curves. Her hands felt the muscles across his shoulders and slid her fingertips down his back. She felt him tremble. He watched her breathing quicken. He tilted his head towards the exit door and raised an eyebrow. She nodded and smiled softly. He guided her through the crowd. They left.


A light bulb flashed above my head

A symbol I cried, but instead

Realised the bulb had blown

And in the dark with a groan

I fumbled for the spare.

Once replaced I sat in light

Procrastinating with a sigh

Symbols symbols everywhere

Yet nothing passes by

My braincells are on strike

Might as well switch off the light

There’s nothing in there for me to write!

Genetics (to that pop diva’s song…)

If you wanna be my mother

You got to get with my dad

Genetics is forever

And that makes me quite sad…

Clock –tock-safe