Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tuesday's child is full of grace

I have one Tuesday child :) I don't know that he is full of grace but he is full of dinner.

Good news, the saxophone was returned with ill grace but returned none-the-less. The boy who took it had adamantly denied he had it but when pressed to check finally concluded he was in the wrong. he ran into the auditorium this morning, dumped the case and ran out again. No apology, no acknowledgement of the distress he had put another family through, nothing just drop and run. At least we have it back thank goodness.

It has been a very quiet day, I went to the post office, the supermarket, the inexpensive shop, the school twice and home. I started a water colour painting and attended a seminar online that was about rhyme in picture books but the audio went awry. It is being rescheduled. I have not read nor written yet so this blog post will be my shortest yet and I will go do some edits and reading before bedtime.

Old English Tīwesdæg ‘day of Tīw’, a Germanic god of war and the sky; translation of Latin dies Marti ‘day of Mars’, the god Tīw being equated with the Roman god Mars. Compare with Swedish tisdag .Tiw or Tyr, the god of  single combat, victory and heroic glory in Norse mythology.

here is a link to find out how to say Tuesday in other languages and what their day means. http://www.omniglot.com/language/time/days.htm

Off to discover my prompts for the day. :) tootles


  1. So very glad the sax came home to roost and so very heartened by the offers to help replace it. I love in the midst of the storm so many beautiful dew drops stop to catch the light. In saying that, the reflection of you is the dew drops. Please don't give up your quest, us mere mortals have hope given because of your journey.


Thank you for taking the time to read my chatter and look at my pictures. I hope you found something to brighten your day. <3